Software for Cannabis Science

We make tools for cannabis cultivators who are creating new medicinal strains in a way that respects our partnership with the plant and planet.

In 2013 we were inspired by stories of parents turning to high CBD, low THC strains to improve the quality of life for their epileptic children. We realized that prohibition had deprived us of far more than a pleasant high - it had cut us off from one of our most important evolutionary partners.

Over the past two years we've been learning everything we could about cannabis cultivation without actually touching the plant. We learned about the complex cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles responsible for the plant's medicinal effects. We learned about the incredible risks cultivators and seed banks took to ensure we wouldn't lose our connection to this plant. We learned about the significant legal barriers that still prevent sick people from getting the medicine they need.

We have over 15 years of experience using technology and branding to help our clients solve tough problems and bring innovative products to market. Now we are using that experience to help cannabis cultivators navigate a rapidly changing market.

Are you a cannabis grower interested in using the latest in technology and cannabis science to bring new medicinal strains to market? We want to help.